Word Choice in songs

The song I would like to focus on to discuss is the song “Nazi’s” by Namenlos. This song shows a lot of how some of the punk scene viewed the Soviet influence in East Germany. They use lyrics like “big words, too much power have only brought shit”. This is referring to the fact that the Soviet Union, and the western world, have ruined East Germany because they are using it as a place to fight each other. However, they use the word Nazi to describe them. Why do you think they made this choice?

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  1. I feel like they chose to use the work “Nazi” when describing the USSR to make a grave and serious comparison. The word “Nazi” holds a lot of weight, and especially in the 1980s when the Holocaust was only 40 years prior. And while their comparison between the USSR and the Nazi’s seems very misplaced, it seems that this band is making the statement that the USSR is praying on Germany like the Nazi’s did to the Jewish peoples. Continually, their comparison seems to also harken on the fact that both the Nazi’s and the USSR hold political and economic power and are draining a group with less power.

  2. I think using the term “Nazi” in the song lyrics was to depict how Germany or East Germany is again under another type of Rule. Although after Nazi Germany lost, East Germany was under another type of government so again they still feel like they are under something that has “too much power”. However, I do think that some might have thought that soviet rule is better than Nazi rule or vice versa. So I think comparing the Nazis with either the U.S or the Soviet Union shows that a lot of the Punk people did not like any of them.

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