Discussion Leadership

Discussion Leadership Schedule

*Sign up for one day on which you will lead our discussion. Please remember: you are responsible for reading all posts on the blog before class, and you should prepare five discussion questions of your own, as well.

Week 3: Stalinization and Resistance

Feb 10: Kovaly, Under a Cruel Star

*Augustine Dugan

Week 4: Divided Germany

Feb 15: Sheffer, Burned Bridge, ch 1, 3-5

*Ian Anderson

Week 5: The Friendship Model

Feb 22: Sheffer, Burned Bridge, ch 7-9

*Mario Sanchez Isabas

Feb 24: Applebaum, Empire of Friends, chapters 1, 3, 4


Week 6: The Consumer Cold War

Mar 3: The Kitchen Debate

*Joe Arencibia

Week 7: Gender in the Cold War

Mar 8: New Soviet Women and Fat Socialist Bodies

*Blake Aber

Week 9: Cultural Competition

Mar 22: Tomoff, Virtuosi Abroad and Oistrakh

*Fonatana Micucci

Week 10: Rock and Journalism

Mar 29: Youth and Rock in the Soviet Bloc

*Bryton Altenbach

Mar 31: Fainberg, Cold War Correspondents, chapters 3 and 4

*Cole Leathers

Week 12: The Challenges of the Late Cold War

Apr 12: The Helsinki Effect

*Amanda Fitzpatrick

Apr 14: Dissent in Poland

*Hannah Flick

Week 13: The End of the Cold War

Apr 21: Peaceful revolutions of 1989

*John Henry

Week 14: Euphoria and Aftermath

Apr 26: The Velvet Revolution

*Veena Rings and Joe Arencibia

Apr 28: Goodbye, Lenin!

*Luke Webb