Final Paper Assignment

Final Paper Assignment and Important Dates

Click here to see the full details of the final paper assignment. This assignment is scaffolded into multiple steps. Please keep track of all deadlines! I also encourage you to review the Video Writing Lesson and other resources on the Writing Resources page.

How do I get in touch with a Librarian?

  • Email
  • Specify three days of the week and times you can meet with a Librarian
  • Be prepared to spend up to one hour with the Librarian
  • An available Librarian (Kelly, Ronalee, Beth, Sam, or Jackie) will contact you to set up an appointment. Any Librarian is capable of helping with your assignment. They will have a copy of the assignment sheet and be familiar with the HIS 240 Libguide.
  • You should bring/have any materials you have already prepared for the assignment to your meeting (topic, research, outline)

When are Things Due?

All items should be formatted as Word Documents and submitted to me by email ( For details on each step, see the assignment sheet above.

Research Question and Library Check: Sunday, March 21 at 10pm

Paper Proposal: Sunday, April 4 at 10pm

Partial Rough Draft: Sunday, April 18 at 5pm (***Note that this is earlier in the day!)

Last Day to Meet with a Librarian: Sunday, April 18

Peer Critique Workshop: Monday, April 19 in class

Revised Rough Draft: Sunday, April 25 at 10pm

Final Draft: Wednesday, May 13 at 10pm

Last day to submit a paper for credit: May 16 (seniors) or May 19 (everyone else)