Midterm Project Assignment and Schedule

Midterm Project Assignment

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Topics and Teams

Blake Aber and Fontana Micucci: Cold War spy fantasies
Bryton Altenbach and Ian Anderson: Cuban Missile Crisis
Mario Sanchez Isabas: Shostakovich and the 1949 World Peace Congress
Amanda Fitzpatrick, Veena Rings, and Augustine Dugan: The Red Woodstock (10th International Festival of Youth and Students)
Luke Webb : Rock star tours of the Soviet Union and/or Eastern Bloc
Cole Leathers and John Henry: The Miracle on Ice (1980 Olympic Hockey)
Joe Arencibia: Nowa Huta
Hannah Flick: Dr. Zhivago

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Midterm Presentation Schedule

Monday, March 15

2:50 Amanda, Veena, and Augustine: Red Woodstock

3:10 Cole and John: The Miracle on Ice

Wednesday, March 17

2:30 Luke: Rock star tours

2:50 Blake and Fontana: Cold War Spy Fantasies

3:10 Bryton and Ian: Cuban Missile Crisis

3:30 Mario: Shostakovich and the 1949 World Peace Congress

Wednesday, March 24

2:20 Joe: Nowa Huta

Monday, March 29

2:20 Hannah: Dr. Zhivago